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What is paid to click? (PTC)

Question: What is paid to click site?

Did you ever realize that you could potentially make money from paid to click websites online? If your answer is ‘Yes’ you must know that this way of earning is totally real! You do not want this income method to be your main source of money, but still you can earn some extra cash from these websites. These websites are basically platforms that give you money for showing you advertisements.

Paid to click websites are online platforms that pay you for clicking ads.

All of them are absolutely free to enter and good ones have a reputation of being a good way to make a profit and even nice income. You need to be careful though, because you need to choose the most legit and trustworthy platforms on the internet. There are a number of established sites out there, such has different ways of earning too such as being paid to play games or taking surveys etc.
An example of paid to click ad

Here are some important details about paid to click sites:

  • Check since when it has been online.
  • See the payment methods they have.
  • Read blogs and forums to learn more.

Try to research about the websites you want to join first. It will give you a nice idea about the pros and cons. Check what the platform offers you. If it sounds very magical then it means it might be fake. Always keep in mind that this method will be a side income for you. It may take long time to earn a lot from ptc sites but still possible in the long run.

Some good and trusted examples of paid to click sites you can consider joining:


As conclusion it’s the cheapest and simplest way to make money online from home with a little bir of effort. But it is critical to choose the right ones because you want to get the most out of the most trusted and legit ptc sites on internet.

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