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How can I earn money by clicking?

Question: How can I earn money by clicking?

Have you ever thought of ways to make money on internet or “How can I earn money by clicking”? Paid to click websites are a good way of earning extra by just clicking advertisements and watching each of them for few seconds. If you spend few minutes on certain pages daily your can earn a decent amount of money every month. You don’t need any special skills to earm on these pages.

You can earn extra money monthly by clicking advertisements on PTC websites.

How do these sites basically work? Dijital marketing and online business people need traffic, visits and clicks for their online businesses. They pay large amounts of cash to these PTC pages in order to purchase real traffic.

Then, these PTC pages will show their advertisements to you when you sign-up and login. So they bring traffic to the advertisers and give commissions to their own members in return of the clicks. For each link click, they will pay you commission. Across that way, business owners are receiving visits and you are earning free money.

How can I earn money by clicking?

Requirements to start earning on a paid to click site:

  • Internet.
  • E-mail address.
  • A mouse 🙂

You need to research and check thorougly to choose the best sites to start earning. Also we have chosen the best ones for you if you would like to start with legit PTC sites.

Some legit paid to click sites we have chosen for you:


When you invest a few minutes on those websites daily, you will make a fair amount of money every month. You don’t need to have any unique expertise on these pages to start earning. It is totally free and easy.

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